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Boyle County farm, photo by Kimberly Bartley

Division of Conservation
Supervisor Training

It is important that supervisors on each county’s Soil and Water Conservation District board learn more about their duties and responsibilities in serving their county.  As each supervisor joins the board, he or she is issued a helpful pocket guide explaining the basics of what a conservation district does and what the supervisor’s responsibilities are.  Further information is provided at trainings and meetings held across the Commonwealth through the Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts and the Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

The field representatives assigned to each county are available to answer questions and help the district supervisors navigate the roles and responsibilities of serving on the board.  Recently, the field representatives have begun presenting a 10-minute training module during each district board meeting.  These modules are designed to give the supervisors necessary information throughout the year rather than waiting for yearly centralized trainings.

The Soil and Water Conservation Commission allows each county to increase a supervisor's per diem payment as an incentive to attend trainings.  If a supervisor attends two qualifying events during a fiscal year, they may receive up to $25 more per meeting during the next fiscal year.  This increase must be approved by the local conservation district board and the Soil and Water Conservation Commission before taking effect.  A supervisor must attend at least eight of 12 of the 10-minute training modules in a fiscal year to count as one qualifying event.  Other qualifying events include, but are not limited to, National Association of Conservation District events, Kentucky Association of Conservation District events and area meetings.


 10 Minute Trainings

May 2018
April 2018
March 2018
February 2018
January 2018

 Robert's Rules of Order Information

Robert's Rules of Order
Purchase Robert's Rules of Order (in brief)

 Previous Years' 10-Minute Training

Budget PreparationFebruary 2010
Section 1619 of the 2008 Farm BillMarch 2010
Open Meeting and Open RecordsApril 2010
Supervisors' ElectionsMay 2010
Protecting Taxpayer FundsJune 2010
Soil Erosion and Water Quality Cost ShareJuly 2010
Public PerceptionAugust 2010
Supervisor EthicsSeptember 2010
Parliamentary ProcedureOctober 2010
General Funds and Millage TaxNovember 2010
Increasing Millage TaxNovember 2010
Developing an Annual Plan of WorkDecember 2010
BudgetsJanuary 2011
PersonnelFebruary 2011
Awards for Conservation DistrictsMarch 2011
Effective MeetingsApril 2011
Being Responsible for Taxpayer FundsMay 2011
Labor LawsJune 2011
Promoting Art and Writing Contest in Your CountyJuly 2011
Legal Notices, Annual Reports and AFRAugust 2011
The Bidding ProcessSeptember 2011
BondingOctober 2011
Roles of SWCC and KACDNovember 2011
Budget and Annual Plan of WorkDecember 2011
Connecting with Elected OfficalsJanuary 2012
Supervisor ElectionsFebruary 2012
Earth Team VolunteersMarch 2012
Open Meetings and Open RecordsApril 2012
Conservation EducationMay 2012
EthicsJune 2012
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