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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Nelson Co. School Outdoor Classroom photo by Kimberly Bartley

Division of Conservation

The Kentucky Envirothon Program has been in existence since 1999. During that time, students in the ninth through 12th grades have competed in this problem-solving event. Even though the event is competitive, education is the bottom line. With the support of natural resource professionals, students are trained in the ways that real life environmental problems are solved. 

Each team that competes in the Envirothon has five students. These teams are tested on their knowledge of Kentucky’s natural resources at five “in the field” test stations, each covering a separate topic addressing soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics and a current environmental issue. Through hands-on experiments, analysis and use of critical thinking skills, the teams answer a set of questions at each station.

The event works much like an athletic competition with the regional winners advancing to the state competition, and the state winners advancing to the international North American Envirothon. The Envirothon encourages constantly changing curricula and helps to build ties between schools, organizations and communities in preparing students for competition.

  • The 2015 current issue is urban and community forestry.
  • The state Envirothon will be held in May 2015 at the Lake Cumberland 4-H Education and Leadership Center in Jabez, Ky. The winner of the Kentucky Envirothon will go on to compete at the North American Envirothon July 27-Aug. 2 at the Missouri State University in Springfield, Mo.
  • Kentucky Envirothon is made possible by Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts, Kentucky Association of Conservation Districts Auxiliary, Dow Corning of Carrollton, Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation, Farm Credit Mid-America, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, Kentucky Division of Water, Kentucky Division of Forestry and the Kentucky Division of Conservation.

For more information about the Envirothon, contact Johnna McHugh by email or call 502-564-2320.


 2015 Envirothon Resources

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 Envirothon Learning Objectives

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