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Becoming a Supervisor

Each local conservation district is governed by a seven-member board of supervisors elected by the registered voters within the district. The supervisors serve a four-year term.  Elections are held every two years, with three supervisors being elected one time and four the next. No supervisor can hold any other elected office while they are serving on the conservation board. Supervisors do not collect a salary, but they can be reimbursed for expenses or can be paid a per diem for attending meetings or performing other duties of a supervisor.

In order to be a supervisor you must be a resident of the district and must file a nominating petition with the county clerk's office in accordance with Kentucky election laws. The petition must be obtained by the county clerk and must be signed by at least 25 registered voters living within the district. Any resident who meets the qualifications for a district supervisor according to KRS 262 is qualified to serve regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.  The petition must be accompanied by an Appointment of Campaign Treasurer form (form KREF-001), available at the county clerk's office.

The county clerk certifies nomination and election of supervisors to the Soil and Water Conservation Commission. If the number of petitions is equal to the number of vacancies, the county clerk certifies the supervisors as elected. If there are more petitions than vacancies, then the names will be put on the ballot for the public to decide in the general election. If there are fewer petitions than vacancies, the county clerk will allow for write-in candidates. In order to qualify as a write-in candidate, you must file with the county clerk's office prior to the election according to Kentucky election laws. A supervisor's term of office begins on Jan. 1 following the election.

Unexpired Terms

From time to time, it is necessary to fill an unexpired term. The Soil and Water Conservation Commission has the authority, upon receipt of the appropriate petitions, to appoint someone to fill an unexpired term, which begins immediately after appointment.

For more information on supervisor terms, nomination and election, vacancies, compensation and removal see KRS 262.240. You may also call the Division of Conservation at 502-573-3080.


 Supervisor Vacancy Petition

Nominating Petition Information Packet
Supervisor Vacany Petition Form