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Elkhorn Creek in Franklin County, photo by David Hargis

Division of Conservation
Agricultural Conservation Technician Program

Kentucky's Agricultural Conservation Technician program, also known as the 50/50 program, is intended to help provide technical assistance to landowners and farmers participating in USDA Farm Bill conservation programs.

Process to hire an Agricultural Conservation Technician
In order to establish an Agricultural Conservation Technician position the local conservation district must submit a written request to the Division of Conservation.  This request will be reviewed by the Division of Conservation and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to determine if that county has an eligible workload to substantiate an Agricultural Conservation Technician position.  Once a county is approved for a position, the district will advertise and take applications.  Upon the closing of the application period, the conservation district will send copies of the applications and transcripts of the candidates to the Division of Conservation, where staff members will rank the applicants according to experience and education. The ranking, which establishes the base salary to be offered to the applicant selected for the position, will be sent back to the conservation district before interviews take place. The conservation district then conducts interviews to choose the best candidate for the position.  Once this selection has been made, the conservation district will notify the Division of Conservation of the benefits the district plans to provide to the individual and, based on the ranking, the salary to be offered.  The Division of Conservation will make a deposit for the 50 percent of salary and benefits for the position into the district's account.  The employee will be required to report accomplishments and progress to the district and NRCS, and the district will conduct an evaluation (after the first six months and then annually) on the position to determine satisfactory performance and continuation of the position.  This evaluation is to also be done in consultation with the district conservationist and field representative.

For more information, please contact Katrina Beckley, the administrator of the program. 


 Agricultural Conservation Technician Program Documents

Position Requirements
Example Employment Application